2019 Eco Nappies Single Packs

For a Limited Time Only!

Little & Brave Eco Nappies are by design, short-lived.

To ensure that they are both Home and Commercially compostable, they are made with bio-plastics and an absence of preservatives. This means that they have a considerably shorter lifespan than conventional oil-based plastic counterparts. Which is why and how we can make nutrient-rich compost from our nappies and others have to go to landfill.

Our Eco Nappies have a materials shelf-life under ideal conditions of 60-months from manufacture.

These Eco Nappies were manufactured Q1 2019, giving them a materials life-span of 30-months.

To make way for the arrival of our new stock, we will offer these to you at a reduced price.

The reduced price reflects that they have a shorter lifespan than our existing and arriving stock.

We love making that positive societal and environmental impact that we do with your help!

While all reasonable care is taken to ensure maximal lifespan (stock is stored out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, away from heat and is protected from impact); Little & Brave cannot be held responsible for any degradation in performance over later-model and arriving stock. It is the nature of bio-plastics that they degrade, this potential for reduction in performance is reflected in the reduction in price.

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Little & Brave Eco Nappies are super absorbent nappy inners that keep baby snug and dry.

Designed to be used with a Little & Brave reusable fabric Snap Pant or Snap Wrap (outer), they are made from renewable plant-based materials and are commercially compostable.

The waterproof layer is breathable to help prevent sweating and the double elastic leg guards help prevent leakage. With no added perfumes, our soft-cloth feel nappies are also safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Made sustainably with FSC-certified wood pulp, a plant-based breathable biofilm and no oil-based plastics, they are kind on bottoms and gentle on the earth.

Our eco nappies can also be used in most modern cloth nappy covers or any close fitting garment which will fit the eco nappy snugly to the body. These are a great option for cloth families looking for a night alternative.