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Home Compost Bin – 220L

Yes, you can Home Compost all of your Little & Brave Wee Nappies!

We offer durable, all-weather 220-litre compost bins that are easily assembled and made from recycled ABS (sample picture provided).

There is very little assembly required and you do not require bolts, screws or tools to assemble or use our bins.

The compost bin is fitted with a door at its base, which allows you access to your nutrient-dense, carbon-rich compost.

Composting food, your Wee nappies and all appropriate organic home wastes in the home is the future!

  • Reducing waste
  • Returning carbon to the soil
  • Allowing people to grow their own food

Please note that product pictured may differ from actual product received. Completed, working garden and spade are sadly not included.

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Out of stock

We do not recommend that you Home Compost your Poo Nappies. Home Compost bins, while very capable, do not reliably reach or maintain the temperature required to effectively pasteurise the contents.


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