Stretch & Stride Toddlers

The Stretch & Stride Toddler Bundle includes:

  • 3 packs of Large Eco Nappies (inners)
  • 3 Toddler Snap Pants (outers) for sizes 10kg-16kg

Your toddler is on the move! Its time to move up a size to match your little’s growing size. With this bundle you will receive 102 Large Eco Nappies, which hold a whopping 700mls each. You will also get to add three more Snap Pants to your collection.

This special offer is limited to ONE per customer.

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Please note Snap Pant colours are based on availability.

Little & Brave Eco Nappies have been made with sustainable materials so they minimize their impact on our environment.

Our long-term goal is that our nappies be composted. Either Commercial or Home Composting (Wee Nappies only). Our Home Composting Process can be found here

However, it isn’t always possible or practical to do either.

If our nappies end up in landfill like all other disposables, we are confident that they are much less likely to cause harm long-term than any of conventional or partly-compostable competitors.

Little & Brave Eco Nappies contain NO oil-based plastic, NO heavy metals, NO bleach, NO chlorine, NO phthalates and NO perfume. We use only FSC-Certified wood and bamboo-fluff pulp.

We firmly believe that we are the best disposable nappy option.

Conventional disposables also leave behind oil-based plastics for future generations to deal with. This could impact New Zealand for decades or even centuries to come.

If you would like to help us bring commercial composting to your region please sign our petition to the Ministry for the Environment, to raise the profile of composting in New Zealand.