Two-Part Trial Pack

Take your first steps with Little & Brave with our Two-Part Trial Pack. Each pack contains a sample of our Eco Nappies (inners) and a Snap Wrap or Snap Pant (outer) to help you begin your eco nappy journey.

Our Trial Packs contain the following:

SMALL – contains eight Eco Nappies (inners) and one Small Snap Wrap (outer) for babies 2kg-8kg

MEDIUM – contains six Eco nappies (inners) and one Infant Snap Pant (outer) for babies 6kg-12kg

LARGE – contains six Eco Nappies (inners) and one Toddler Snap Pant (outer) for babies 8kg-15kg

JUNIOR – contains six Eco Nappies (inners) and one Walker Snap Pant (outer) for babies 12kg-20kg

Please note that Snap Wrap and Snap Pant colours may vary, dependent on availability.

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$22.95 (includes GST)


Little & Brave Eco Nappies have been made with sustainable materials so they minimize their impact on our environment, and have been designed to be composted in a commercial facility.

Please DO NOT put them in your home compost.

Commercial composting, via our Drop-Off Network, is currently available in Whangarei, Auckland and Tauranga. If you would like to help us bring commercial composting to your region please sign our petition to the Ministry for the Environment, to raise the profile of composting in New Zealand.

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