Making your own baby balm is the best way to avoid preservatives and create a more natural cream to protect your babies’ skin and combat nappy rash. Barrier creams work by placing a barrier between baby’s skin and moisture from urine and fecal matter.

Why do babies get Nappy Rash?

Type of Nappy – Most common is an allergy to latex although baby can have a sensitivity to many different fibers which can create irritation and a rash.

PH of urine – baby’s skin is pH sensitive, skin likes to sit at pH 5.5. Urine, baking soda baths, even salt water with a higher pH can effect the pH of baby’s skin and effect the acid mantle long enough that irritation can occur and a rash may present itself.

Ammonia in urine – Bacterial action transforms urine into ammonia, which can irritate and burn your baby’s skin so frequent nappy changes are recommended.

Fecal matter –fecal matter sitting on skin can cause irritation as the bacteria can cause irritation on baby’s delicate skin within a short time. Frequent nappy changes, especially if baby has loose bowels is recommended.

Babies naturally sensitive skin – Babies skin is more vulnerable to infections and more sensitive to the effects of chemicals used in many baby products.  Their skin is thinner and the protective barrier is not as fully developed as an adult’s. Using a natural Baby balm to create a barrier over the skin to prevent irritation is a fantastic way to help your baby feel comfortable and prevent nappy rash.

What can you do?

Regular nappy off time – lay a couple of towels down, or a picnic blanket with a plastic backing and letting baby have some naked time is a great way to dry out the skin let it breathe.

A natural baby balm to create a barrier over the skin to prevent irritation is a fantastic way to help your baby feel comfortable and prevent nappy rash.

When dealing with nappy rash please look out for infection and seek medical help for treatment of nappy rash if need be.

Where can you buy ingredients for DIY recipes?

We use the fantastic products from Pure Nature to make our recipes, click on the ingredients below to take you to the Pure Nature Website.

Below are three Baby Balm Barrier Recipe options to try

Creamy, Calming Balm

Beeswax – 10g

Chamomile essential oil – 2 drops

Shea butter – 50g

Jojoba oil – 50ml

Vitamin E – 1/8  teaspoon

Protective Barrier Balm

Beeswax – 10g

Lavender – 2 drops

Shea butter – 50g

Hemp seed oil – 25ml

Zinc Oxide in Jojoba oil – 25ml

Vitamin E – 1/8 teaspoon

Antibacterial Balm with Orange Oil

Beeswax – 10g

Orange oil  – 2 drops

Calendula infused oil  – 40ml

Vitamin E – 1/8 teaspoon

Coconut oil – 30g

Shea butter – 30g

Please be aware that orange oil makes skin sensitive to the sun, so avoid using it if baby is going out into sunshine without a nappy.


Add all the ingredients except for the essential oils in a small or medium ceramic or glass bowl. Melt oils and butters together using a double broiler or you can also melt the ingredients in short bursts in the microwave, stirring in between.

When everything is melted, stir together and add the essential oil.

Cool the mixture until solidified, then mix with a fork or spoon to whip the mixture.

Use within 2 months or keep in the fridge for a longer lasting batch.

Under Three months old Baby Balm

Use any of the above recipes but omit the essential oil, as under three months of age its best to avoid essential oils on or around baby.

How to apply

After removing nappy and cleaning away poo and urine pat the area dry and apply to the external areas of baby’s bottom and genital area, avoiding the tip of the penis (the urethral opening) and avoid the inside of baby’s labia and vagina.

All content here, including quotes from health professionals, should be considered as opinion only. Always seek the advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding the health of your baby or toddler.