Eco Nappy Components

What are they made from?

Little & Brave nappies are very simple disposable pads, which is why they are so easy and economical to recycle through composting. They have a biodegradable cellulose based outer cover (rayon), and inside for absorbency they have non-chlorine bleached fluff (paper) pulp from SFC certified farmed trees and a super absorbing polymer (SAP).

The simplicity of the nappy means that it is suitable for commercial composting. With its bio-based components, it is also free of perfumes and bleaches that can irritate babies sensitive skin.

What is the gel inside the nappies?

The gel you see inside the nappy is a super absorbing polymer called SAP and is used in most disposable nappies. SAP significantly improves the absorbency of the nappies and because it locks the moisture away it is more comfortable for your baby. A pad with no SAP would require much larger quantities of fluff pulp, making it a very bulky pad while still not providing the ‘stay dry’ properties.

SAP is one of the most tested materials available in the sanitary industry. It has been found to be non-toxic, non-gene altering and non-irritating in the hundreds of tests done. It has been widely used in sanitary products for several decades, with a marked improvement in babies skin since its introduction to disposable nappies.