Little & Brave Community Group

Our Little & Brave Facebook page has a fantastic group to join.
Our Pay it Forward group is for swapping or gifting on Little & Brave Outers (Snap Wraps and Snap Pants) and also end of packs (Little & Brave Eco nappies) when you need to move up a size. We would like to create a safe place with other users of Little & Brave Eco Nappies, where you can gift your used outers and unused nappies. This is a way that can save people money, keep each outer in use, increase the longevity and decrease the chance that they will make their way to landfill before they’re useful period has been expended.

To make it easy and convenient to share and post the groups are based on Facebook. These groups are set to ‘Private’ and have an administrator to protect your privacy.

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