Baby steps are the best and most effective way to reduce your waste as a parent.

As a parent we often create a LOT of waste, I know this, because I myself sure did. Parenting is mentally very hard and takes so much of your time and energy especially in those early years.

Time is a huge factor. I lived on muesli for breakfast lunch and dinner because I had no time for anything else more complicated. I mean if took over 60 seconds to prepare, I was out.

When you are bombarded with people and messages saying “you must do this to reduce your waste” and  “you are just being lazy if you don’t do this”, it can seem overwhelming and unachievable.

Everyone is on their own journey, we all live different lives, we have diverse family set ups, varied jobs and different levels of income. So, it makes sense that we all have different priorities and amounts of time to allocate to waste reduction in the home.

The best and most effective way to make big changes in your life is to do them in baby steps. Because life changes take time and effort to achieve, and as parents time and effort is in short supply as it is. Changing to a reusable coffee cup, using reusable bags, baking your own biscuits if you can and starting a compost can be achievable changes. Just change one thing at a time and give yourself breathing space to let the changes become a part of your life.

Don’t feel bad if one change doesn’t work out, try another. Or take a break from that change and return to it later. It took me a couple of tries to set up and use my compost properly myself.

Please don’t forget. You are not lazy.

Don’t beat yourself up for the things that you can’t change right now, praise yourself for the things you ARE doing.

At Little & Brave, we really want to make it easy for you, if you are in the Auckland area and your child is in nappies, please give our amazing product a try. We are a fully compostable nappy that is distributed and collected in our easy “Drop & Collect” system. Our nappy then is composted after use and turned into rich compost. It is a product that is easy and effortless and keeps your Little dry and snug.

Whatever changes you are making to reduce your waste, we at Little & Brave thank you, from the bottom of our hearts x.