The variety on offer around the world as a first food is so tasty and varied!

Around the world there are parents and caregivers doing a fantastic job of offering seasonal foods accessible in their own countries.

In New Zealand common food to offer is kumara, carrot, apple and pear. But what do other babies around the world have as a first food?


Readily available first foods for babies in Germany are mashed cooked carrots, potatoes or parsnips.


In India babies are often given dal khichdi, a mixture of rice and lentils or Ragi (known as “finger millet” in English) made into porridge. Indian babies are also introduced to a variety of spices early on.


Finely ground processed cereals (rice, wheat, barley, corn) which are fortified with iron and other minerals are often mixed with formula or breast milk. Banana and applesauce often follow.

Alaskan Inuit

Fresh vegetables and fruits are often not available for Inuit babies born in the extreme Arctic cold. So first foods often include more readily available seaweed and “muktuk” (whale skin and blubber).


Banana and porridge are a common first food of Swedish 6 month olds. Often a A processed wheat-based cereal, similar to oatmeal called välling is offered that is fed to babies in bottles.


Sweetened Rice porridge


Traditional foods such as taro, breadfruit and fresh fruit such as guava, mango, banana, pawpaw, lychee, and vigeka (starfruit) in small amounts.. occasionally chicken/pig and freshly-caught fish. Te food is also often chewed by mum or family member.

Dominican Republic

Black bean and kidney bean puree


Rice porridge mixed with liver and carrot


Baby rice porridge known as okayu is often introduced first, then often carrot, potato, broccoli, flounder and tofu.


Veggie purees and broths are a staple of many first food meals. Carrot and courgette and chicken are common from six months onwards.


A sweet potato named ngwaci is the staple root vegetable in babies first food diet.


Fruit (mango, custard apple and banana) with honey


French parents love giving vegetables as a first food such as spinach, potato, carrots and zucchini. Many French parents often hold off on introducing fruits until their children are at least nine months old.

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