The most Recent Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report revealed that 72% of people are most worried about the build-up of plastic in the environment. So much of this plastic comes from single use items such as nappies, wipes, plastic bags, straws, plastic wrap, and even children’s craft items like glitter.

Right now, there is a huge movement in New Zealand led by the people. So many New Zealanders are reducing their waste and incorporating sustainable choices into their busy lives for the betterment of their children.

Why not try some of these sustainable products, changes or alternatives below. Taking things slow and making changes that fit in with your family and lifestyle can also ensure in the long term your changes will be long lasting.

1. Refill your Food Staples

Bring in your own container and refill your nuts, flours and pulses at a refill food store. Reduce both your packaging waste and also your food waste by refilling. You both eliminate the need for single-use plastic plus when you buy in bulk you can chose exactly how much you need so there is less food waste.

2. Go Low Waste on your Hair Care

Refilling your Eco Store shampoo in store at places like Huckleberry’s, or invest in an Ethique shampoo bar for your family can cut back on the many shampoo bottles that make their way into New Zealand’s waste stream.

3. Invest in Reusable

Reusable cups, reusable wet bags, nappies, breast pads and reusable bags are fantastic ways to cut down your single use plastic waste and also potentially reduce costs in the home.

4. Try Metal

Metal is hard wearing, reusable and eco-friendly. Invest in durable metal containers such as Bento Ninja, stainless steel straws and drink bottles for your young ones when your plastic containers come to the end of their life. Stainless steel is also fantastic for when it does come time for disposal as it is the most recycled material on earth making it a fantastic sustainable choice.

5. Compostable Craft Supplies for Kids

Replace glitter with mica, biodegradable glitter or even create your own “sprinkles” from coloured rice, or colourful leaves that you can shape with a hole punch. Thinking about sustainable alternatives that are fun, low waste and creative is a fantastic way to teach children about sustainability. See our blog on ‘Compostable craft ideas for toddlers’ for more craft ideas.

The movement to make sustainable changes to benefit our children is here. Creating choice for those who can make that change and use reusable sustainable items, refill where you can and close the circle with commercially compostable items such as the Little & Brave Eco Nappy is essential to our country.

Little & Brave Eco Nappies are proud to be at the at the forefront of this change towards a more sustainable New Zealand.