May is for Mothers and we would like to take a minute to talk about how to take time to make your soul happy at a stage in your life when we can be stressed, tired and anxious, when time is at a premium.

As parents you are often faced with strong parent guilt when you pause and take rest for yourself. So much energy is given to your kids, family, work, projects around the house and there is little left over. It is often because there is so little time as it is, and you may feel like you are taking time away from your family, worry may set in too that things may pile up around you.

But it is so important to look after yourself, your body, your mind and your soul to be a great parent.

How do you take time for yourself? Below are 5 gentle ideas to help you to find the time.

Tell people what you need

Talk to someone and see if they can make something happen for you. It takes a village to raise a child which does include taking care of the parents. Asking is sometimes hard, but the more we communicate with others about what we might require, the more we can accept the help we need.

Say no

Do you say yes far too often and find yourself unable to achieve everything you had promised? Saying no doesn’t mean you are shutting people out. Saying no means you are saying Yes to yourself, you are saying “yes I will look after myself”.

Clear your calendar

This may mean saying no. It may mean cancelling events. Delegate what you can to someone else if you are able too.

Ask yourself if you need further help from a professional

Sometimes what is holding us back from doing the things that we need to do is our own minds. Anxiety and depression can play a huge part in being unable to move forward, be happy, love ourselves or make time for ourselves. Talking to a health professional can be the first step in our own recovery

Grab the small moments for yourself.

Sometimes you may only have a scattering of moments to make your soul happy. Fill those 5- 10 minute moments of quiet with activities such as a hot cup of tea, Netflix or reading a book in the garden. It may be the only moments you have in a day of chaos, nappy changes and washing piles so choose quality over quantity activities that may make your soul happy.

Mummy Guilt is a big thing that many struggle with. Please always remember, the fact that you worry about being a good mother, means that you already are one.

It takes someone really Brave to be a Mother, someone Strong to raise a child and someone Amazing to love someone more than herself.

You are Amazing. You are Brave. You are Strong.

Credit to Lilybug Graphic Design for the use of their free printable Decor print in the above picture that you can find on their website.