We want to promote a sense of community and helping others with our Rideshare groups, where you can carpool your Eco Nappies and share the load.

What is a Little & Brave Rideshare Group?

As we were seeing more and more people banding together to take their used Little & Brave Eco Nappies to our drop off points. We created an Auckland Rideshare Group, a Whangarei Rideshare Group and a Tauranga Rideshare Group where like minded individuals can coordinate together and carpool nappies back to any of our free drop off points.

We hope that these groups will help you to make connections with like-minded individuals, keep more cars off the road and save you time and money.
Use this group to connect with other Little & Brave Eco Nappy users in your area/suburb and coordinate with each other your own pickups and drop offs of used nappies.

Please always place nappies and wipes in the bin in a compostable bag, paper bag or plain cardboard box before you drop them off to us. This way we won’t have to send anything to landfill.

How to post in the group

-If you are a offering a Rideshare pickup of nappies in your area –
Please post up that you are offering a nappy pickup, please give your suburb and any nappy pick up times or days you are offering.

-If you need a Rideshare nappy pick up –
Please post up that you are needing a nappy pickup, please give your suburb.

Please message each other privately your specific addresses as we will delete any posts that contain your whole address. Suburbs and even street names are fine, but no address numbers please.

Where are our current drop off points? 

Search our Drop Off Locations

Join the Auckland Rideshare Group

Join the Whangarei Rideshare Group

Join the Tauranga Rideshare Group

Thank you for saving the world one nappy at a time with Little & Brave Eco Nappies.