Coming into summer is the best time to experiment with ice and water play.  Sensory ice activities provides opportunities for fun, cooling, hands-on learning for your child in the summer heat.  There are endless possibilities of materials to use within the ice, limited only by your imagination.

Children can learn many different skills with water and ice play, such as: imaginative play, coordination and senses stimulation.

Frozen ice with herbs and lemon rind

Create a icy cold sensory experience that includes different smelling items such as rosemary and mint frozen into giant ice cubes or in a large block of ice.


Coloured ice 

Freeze a block of coloured ice. If you have time you can also layer the ice in colours by freezing one layer then placing another layer over the top to freeze.

Freezing ice in large containers and having your child use a cup to pour warm water over the ice can teach your toddler about the fundamental science of water as a liquid and ice as the solid


Ice painting on concrete

Mix cornflour water and food colouring together in a 1/4 water, 3/4 cornflour mix. Different colours can be added with food colouring. Place them into an ice tray and freeze.

These cornflour blocks can then be used to “paint” on the concrete and as they melt they become fun gloop to play with.


Toys in ice 

freeze small, robust toys in ice and have your toddler use water to melt and release the toys


Safety with Ice

Please always supervise young children closely when using smaller items that could be choking hazards and keep a warm bowl of water nearby for cold hands.