It all began with a wheelie bin, a very full wheelie bin.

The decision to become a parent, is not one that you enter into lightly. Not only does your body grow and change, but your entire life grows and changes. Not only do you add another person, albeit initially a small one to your home and heart, you also add the responsibility of nurturing them and their future, to your future.

We have always taken the future of our boys seriously. We want what all parents want for their children. For our boys to be happy and healthy, to give them opportunities to grow and develop into the men that they wish to be, and we also want to give them many of the experiences that we had growing up: being able to pick kaimoana direct from the sea; being able to hike and tramp through our movie-worthy countrysides; being able to engage with the land, the water and the air that makes New Zealand one of the most beautiful places in the world to live; and we also want to teach them that protecting these vital natural resources is something that we can all do, every single day.

To do this, we knew that it had to start with us. A wheelie bin full to the top with conventional disposable nappies, with nowhere to go but landfill, was something that we could change. One year later we are launching into Countdown and Huckleberry stores across Auckland, and we are also having new conversations about additional composting options around the country. These steps mean that we can help more and more families across New Zealand to make the change with us and that is the best 1st Birthday present that we could have asked for!

To our loyal customers who have helped to shape our business, and who are helping to shape the New Zealand that we will leave our children, we ‘Thank You’. Thank you for making the decision to buy our products and show that a renewable-based and circular nappy has a place in New Zealand. Thank you for your feedback and your words of support that have gotten us through some very long days and nights. Thank you for coming with us on this journey and for helping us grow. We could not have done this without you.

With the arrival of our new Little just around the corner, and so many exciting opportunities ahead for Little & Brave, we cannot wait to see what we will all have achieved together by our 2nd Birthday!

Arohanui from our family to yours,

Tahlia & Semisi Hutchison