What is The Change One Challenge?

The Change One Challenge is a national annual social challenge to “change one thing” in our daily lives, to make a positive contribution to reducing waste and living more sustainably.

Through the Change One Challenge website (www.changeone.nz) participants sign up to change one thing during the month of July. The Challenge has three categories: Personal, Family and Business or Institution. The challenge is a commitment to swap one practice or product for a more sustainable alternative for the entire month. Participants can then share their journey on their own Facebook page and interact on a daily basis with the Change One Challenge Facebook page.

What will each of us be doing during the Change One Challenge?

As a business we already implement a number of sustainable practices, we have no single use, un-compostable items at the Little & Brave site. Everything gets composted that can be composted and all of our paper and cardboard is recycled.

Even as individuals many of us are living more sustainable lives, but we also understand that more can be done and we are all very excited to make changes during the Change one Challenge in July.

Below are our individual pledges that we will be making for Change One, we hope they may give you some ideas to inspire you to make a sustainable change in your life also.

Michelle – Communities and Relationships Coordinator

My Change One Challenge Pledge

“I drink a lot of herbal tea such as peppermint, fruity, and chamomile tea. As I have found out last year, tea bags contain plastic in the bag so I would like to pledge to only use either compostable tea bags (that have also compostable or recyclable packaging or loose leaf tea with compostable packaging”

Kane – Operations and Logistics Manager

My Change One Challenge Pledge

“Although I do recycle properly at home and at work, I admit that I am not as conscious of doing this whilst I’m out and about – normally settling for emptying out the contents and throwing it in the bin as a whole (unless there are separate receptacles available) 

So I pledge to take my public recycling more seriously by retaining the container whilst out and about and then recycling it properly once at home, because the earth deserves better”

Tahlia – Owner of Little & Brave Eco Nappies 

My Change One Challenge Pledge

“I pledge to only buy takeaways if I can provide my own reusable container. This means supporting stores who are supporting their customers sustainability efforts and being much more organised with my reusable containers”

Semisi – Owner of Little & Brave Eco Nappies

My Change One Challenge Pledge

“I pledge not to buy any takeaway coffees without my keep cup or any takeaway drinks, that don’t accept my keep cup (i.e. soft drinks).”

Please join The Change One Challenge on Facebook, and on Instagram to learn tip and tips and see shared content from the amazing sponsors and supporters.Look out for the entire month of prizes and giveaways of innovative products that can help you to lead a more sustainable life.

As a nation we have the power to Change One thing Four Million times over!

Change ONE thing today, for a better tomorrow