Rebecca Sumaru shares her love of family, local businesses and fashion at @the_sumarus. Below she shares her top five Ethical & Sustainable New Zealand children’s brands.

Sustainable, organic and ethical clothing, we know it is better for the environment but what does it actually mean here in New Zealand?

In the year 2020 most kiwi households are looking at lowering their carbon footprint and are becoming more eco conscious. There are more newly formed New Zealand businesses emerging into the market claiming to be Organic, Ethical & Sustainable but what does this all mean when it comes to producing children’s clothing?

  • Organic: The materials used in the garments are grown and produced chemical free.
  • Ethical: Refers to treatment of the people and the processes. Such as factory working conditions, minimum wage etc
  • Sustainable: Refers to the effect the item of clothing has on the environment. If the clothing item is sustainable the natural fibers will eventually break down into compost.

When it comes to fashion I’m a bit of a shopaholic, ok that’s an understatement I shop till I drop especially when it comes to purchasing clothes for my toddler. When he was born I was really into shopping at large chain stores. Over a period of three years (thanks to social media) I have made the shift into shopping local with on trend New Zealand branded kids clothing businesses.

Here is my top 5 Ethical, Organic & Sustainable New Zealand Children’s Clothing Businesses:

1. Buck & Baa: They are a family owned businesses producing certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) clothing. Think earthy tones that are comfortable and fit for exploring, play and sleep made from pure and natural fibers.

2. Nature Baby: Founded in 1998, the family business produces pure high quality baby and children’s clothing and accessories. They are also GOTS certified.

3. Jamie Kay: Designed in New Zealand and produced ethically using GOTS cotton. Their swimwear is made from recycled plastic and not to mention it looks ah-mazing.

4. Band of Boys: A brand that represents high quality and a mindful/slow approach to design and they only produce what they need. Another bonus is that Band of Boys is all about boys fashion! As a boy mum it is such a struggle to find good quality boys clothing.

5. Le Edit: The range is small from Le Edit but the pieces produced by Bianca are stunning.

The list above is just my personal favorite l brands. There are a handful of other local brands out there waiting to be discovered.

So remember time you pick up that kids item from a chain store please consider the above points. Buying organic, sustainable and ethical clothing is slightly more expensive but the environment and the people producing the garments reap the benefits and that’s something that money can’t justify.

Please also be mindful that with the current covid-19 outbreak New Zealand businesses are struggling a lot and in true kiwi spirit we must continue to work together and support each other so businesses can continue operating. Every little bit counts.

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