Occasionally leaks can occur. They can be frustrating and can add more washing to your already huge pile.  Below are some tips and tricks that we have put together after working with parents and caregivers to get a snug fit.

Have you got the right size nappy?

You may need to go down a size if the nappy isn’t sitting snug against babies’ skin, or you might need to go up a size if the nappy isn’t giving enough coverage. Nappy sizes are a guide and if your baby/ toddler is tall or shorter than average or their weight is distributed around the body slightly differently, it can affect the fit and a different size might be required.

Have you got the right size Snap Pant?

Is the Snap Pant sitting firmly against Babies body? Our Snap Pants are very stretchy, so buying “down a size” rather than “up a size” is recommended.

Wriggly babies often leak more

Babies on the move and especially bum shufflers end up pulling the nappy to the side enough for things to escape. Putting on a tighter pair of pants to ensure things stay in place better, could be something to consider.

Keep baby still during nappy changes

To make sure the nappy is fitted correctly consider having ‘nappy toys’ (or infants or older). These are toys that baby is only given during changes. These should be light enough for them hold comfortably (and not drop on themselves!). This should give them enough of a distraction so that the nappy is filled correctly which can minimise leaks.

Make sure the leak guard is pulled out

It is important to gently pull out the leak guard to minimise leaks.  Also try giving the nappy a lift upward pulling the front and rear edges of the nappy after you have put them on and readjust the Snap Wrap accordingly.

You might have a “flooder”

Does your baby/ toddler stay dry most of the night and then flood their nappy all at once? This can cause the nappy to flood due to the sheer volume all at once, which then causes the leak.

Has your child lost weight or had a growth spurt?

Sometimes you may have gone up a size and then for some reason leaks start happening, this can occur if the baby/ child has a growth spurt or has had an illness (has lost weight) and goes back down a size in the waist and/or leg.  Try going back down a size temporarily to minimise leaks.

How to video – Please check out our how-to Snap Wrap video  or how-to Snap Pant video which explains exactly how to place the outers correctly onto the nappy.