What is Biochar?

Biochar is a light, pourus black, highly porous and lightweight material made from from biomass (organic matter from plants ) that is heated in a limited oxygen environment.

Biochar is known for its ability to Sequester Carbon. Essentially, this means the long-term removal and capture of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from the atmosphere back into the soil where it belongs. Biochar will allow a greater degree of microorganic activity in your Home Compost pile, which in turn, improves biodegradation and increases the nutrient value.

What does all of this mean? Well Biochar can do the following:

It can speed up the composting process

Biochar has been found to accelerate the composting process through improving the consistency and structure of the mixture and stimulating microbial activity in the composting mix.

Biochar reduces odour

Biochar serves as a bulking agent for compost wich reduces odour. For the biochar material itself, undergoing composting helps to charge the biochar with nutrients without breaking down the biochar substance in the process.

Biochar helps to create quality compost

The addition of Biochar adds nutrients to the compost and also provides a home for all the amazing bacteria, microbes and fungi that is beneficial to plants and helps break down the compost.

Biochar improves the consistency and structure of compost

Improvements of the compost mixture can be seen when you use Biochar. It can stimulate microbial activity in the composting mix, which why it is such a fantastic additive to add to your home compost.

As an additive in your Home Compost system, Biochar isn’t necessary for your compost system to work, but it will make it work more efficiently. In conjunction with Home Compost Activators (such as coffee grounds/grinds), Biochar makes everything to do with compost better!

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