There are so many ways in which to reduce your waste even in a hospital setting making it easier to make choices that shape the kind of planet that we are leaving for our children.

Please do remember that your mental and physical comfort and well-being comes above all else. Mindfulness around waste is amazing but please do not add added stress or judge yourself too harshly if you need to use some single use items to make you and your baby’s birth and stay a safe and enjoyable one. Don’t forget that you have just been through an incredible, life-changing experience that, for many of us, quickly gets added to the list of hardest things we’ve ever done.

Be kind to yourself, you are AMAZING!

See if some of the below zero waste birthing bag options below can be added to your own birthing bag. And feel free to download the zero waste birthing bag checklist picture at the bottom.

Cloth Pads and Wet Bag

Cloth reusable pads for use after birth can be a great swap. Think about having at least 10 on hand plus a wet bag to keep them in before washing. You can get mix of reusable maternity absorption pads for the first day and heavy pad absorbency for the following days.

Wash Cloth and Oil Cleanser

This is a great Zero Waste essential. Warm water and a facecloth with a little oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil will keep your skin cleansed and moisturised.

Zero Waste Toiletries

Hospitals tend to have toiletries on hand, but these are often single use items. Bring your own zero waste toiletries such as ‘Ethique‘ deodorant shampoo and conditioner and toothpaste tablets such as ‘Solid Oral Care‘, plus a wooden toothbrush. This will ensure you won’t produce as much rubbish during your stay in Hospital or birthing unit.


Stock up on your favourite snacks at your local bulk bin store such as ‘Bin Inn’, ‘The Source’, or ‘Good For’.  Snacks such as nuts, chocolate treats, pretzels and dried fruit are great snacks to have on hand for a hungry new mama.

Reusable Coffee Cup and Water Bottle

Having a reusable coffee cup is a great way to get a real cup of coffee out of your visitors by sending your visitors out to refill your coffee cup instead of the hospital coffee offered.

Keeping a full reusable water bottle will ensure you are always hydrated throughout your stay.

Little & Brave Nappies or Reusable Cloth Nappies

Being able start your Little off on a low waste journey from the moment they are born is an amazing achievement. Don’t forget to bring a reusable wet bag if you are using cloth. Or a compostable bag if you are using the Little & Brave Eco Nappies.

Click here to download your hospital bag checklist