Actually Walking the Walk – 1,000 tonnes later

Our goal for 2022 onward is to keep oil-based plastics out of landfills, maximise home composting and to make sure we are able to compost everything we collect.
Make the change real.

Little & Brave remains the world’s first and ONLY Nappy Company to actually collect, and compost their own nappies in-house. We don’t talk the sustainability talk, we’ve walked it.

Little & Brave is also the first and only Eco Nappy in Aotearoa-New Zealand that is plastic- free and pollutant-free. To put it another way, we remove all the bad parts, keep all the necessary parts to provide you and your Little with a sustainable, and effective long-term nappy option.

In our time collecting and composting, we removed nearly one thousand metric tonnes of organic waste, that would have otherwise gone to landfill. This material allowed Little & Brave to produce just over one hundred metric tonnes of nutrient-dense, carbon-rich bio- fertiliser compost. This compost has been used for land remediation in Clevedon, as well as assisting with native tree replanting projects around the Auckland and Northland regions; adding much needed nutrients to the earth, as well as nurturing young saplings.

Our goal remains the same. To reduce the impact of conventional nappies going to landfill.

We can’t provide our collections and composting service on a large enough scale to make a credible impact, so have sought to establish a larger model with partners involved.

We want the larger model to roll out immediately, but are faced with a lot of challenges.

One thing we’ve learnt from composting for the past four years is though, that the key thing is keeping pollutants from landfill. We are happy for our Eco Nappies to go to landfill, because our Eco Nappies do not add additional nasties to our landfills. All landfills leak (eventually), so whatever is inside the landfills will end up in our soils, aquifers, waterways, oceans and then in us eventually.

Keeping the muck from conventional nappies (oil-based plastics, phthalates, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and perfumes) from landfill is just as important in terms of sustainable living.

For this reason, we have closed our composting facility in Penrose, and no longer collect. Thank you for saving the world, one nappy at a time!

A sustainability movement in New Zealand has been formed, thank you for being at the forefront towards a sustainable New Zealand.