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Help Us to Bring Commercial Composting to Your Area

Did you know that Little & Brave Eco Nappies are NOT allowed in any commercial composting facilities in New Zealand? This is why we collected and composted them ourselves for fives years, diverting over a thousand tonnes of waste from landfill. The commercial composting facilities in New Zealand have the technical ability to process them (they deal with worse waste streams every day – ours is baby’s poo – essentially biodegraded carrots and apples), but council by-laws are not up-to-date with the distinction between ‘compostable organic material’ (which we are) and ‘biosolids’ (which we most definitely are NOT). Join the conversation today. Help us make our country genuinely cleaner, and greener. Write to your local MP, city councillor, or to the Minister for the Environment requesting that commercial composting, and collections that accept ‘compostable organic materials’ such as Little & Brave Eco Nappies happen now. The power is in your hands.

Request for Commercial Composting for Little & Brave Eco Nappies

To the Hon. David Parker, Minister for the Environment

My name is {Full Name} and I live at {Address}.

We realise that everyone needs to do their part to reduce waste in New Zealand.

To reduce our carbon footprint, and minimise waste to landfill, we would like to show our support for greater investment in regional composting facilties for organic waste and commercially compostable products.

We currently use Little & Brave Eco Nappies. These nappies are wholly compostable, and will compost in a single composting cycle in a commercial facility. As long as the New Zealand standard for composting, NZS-4454, is used they will leave no contaminants or pathogens in the end compost and can be treated using the same process as organic feedstocks such as food waste. Nappy waste, food serviceware, food packaging, courier packaging, single-use plastic bags and rubbish bags and single-use coffee cups continue to be significant sources of waste to landfill stream. All of these products have commercially compostable alternatives. However, there are only nine facilities in New Zealand which are able to process these, and these products are largely only accepted on a case-by-case basis. (Source: WasteMinz New Zealand)

We believe that a move towards greater access for commercially compostable products to more facilities in New Zealand can only be of benefit. Our family would certainly support it!

We hope that you will take the time to consider how composting can be of benefit to a cleaner, greener New Zealand and ask the Government to consider greater investment, support and funding for commercial composting in New Zealand.

Thank you

{Full Name}