Nappies In New Zealand


Average number of nappies a baby uses per day


The estimated average percentage of total waste to landfill that is made up of nappies and sanitary products


The average percentage of plastic making up a conventional disposable



The number of years it can take for a conventional disposable to break down


Number of times a child is changed in 2.5 years


The average number of tonnes of plastic going to landfill in disposable nappies every day

1 Million+

The number of conventional nappies that go to Kiwi landfills every day


The number of changes you need to make to change this; the change to Little & Brave Eco Nappies.

Following Nature to Solve the Nappy Problem

Currently almost all of the conventional disposable nappies that are produced have no way of being reused, recycled or reprocessed. The resources used to make the nappies are taken from nature, used to nurture our children and then dumped in landfill.

As our understanding of renewable practices has grown, we now know that this model is unsustainable. However, by utilising innovative technologies and practices that mimic nature, we can create a circular economy for a product that has long been destined for landfill.


The Little & Brave Solution

Little & Brave Eco nappies are absorbent, convenient and compostable. Why is the last one so important? Well if it is compostable then we can use a natural process to break the product down and return the nutrients that it contains back into the ecosystem. Instead of hoping that the problem will just go away if we bury it, we can follow Mother Nature’s example. Little & Brave nappies have a unique design that give us the opportunity to return the resources we have used to grow and nurture our children back to the earth.

But, it takes a lot of effort to change the world. In addition to opening our own commercial composting facility in Auckland we are also working hard to give more Kiwi families the opportunity to compost our nappies. We are continually working on expanding the composting network and will update you when we have the next facilities / councils on board.

If you are a commercial compostor and would be interested in learning more please contact us today!


Compost your Wee Nappies at Home

After consulting with composting experts and in-house testing, we are able to offer you our tried and tested method for Home Composting your Little & Brave Wee Nappies at home so you can reduce your carbon footprint even further.

For more information please read all about our Little & Brave Wee Nappies Home Composting Process.

The Future is Circular

Below is a great video from the Ellen McArthur Foundation explaining some of the principles of moving towards a circular economy.