Travelling is a stress-inducing activity all by itself. First, you have to plan out the entire trip, then you will have to fix a way of getting to your destination in the best way, and then there is the actual journey. There will be a whole list of things you will have to be careful about. Things can become a whole lot more stressful when a baby is added to this!

However, Little & Brave is here to help you. We will give you a list of things you need to keep in mind when you are travelling with a baby and some of our little tips and tricks that we swear by. 


Now, when it comes to eco-friendly nappying, you can either use cloth nappies or biodegradable nappies. Both of them have their pros and cons, which we have discussed in a previous blog, and it varies from parent to parent. 

A quick overview of this would be that cloth nappies are a more sustainable alternative while biodegradable disposable nappies are a lot more convenient. When it comes to travelling with a baby, we recommend using disposable nappies as cloth nappies can get quite messy and water may not always be accessible to clean them for future use. 

Nevertheless, there are some staples to your carry-on that you will need regardless of which nappy you use. 

  1. You will need to keep wipes and rash creams. You never know when you will have a blow-out or an emergency, so it is good to keep plenty of these on hand. 
  2. Keep enough wet bags. This will come in handy when you are trying to dispose of the nappies but there is no place available at that time. 
  3. An extra outfit, because you never know when you will be facing an emergency and it is definitely good to be well prepared. 
  4. Always keep plenty of nappies ready. Travelling does not always go as planned, and it helps if you’re prepared for any and all surprises. 
  5. It is always good to have a bottle of water ready to go. Just in case you are not able to find a place with safe water for your baby at the time of an emergency, this bottle will be helpful. 

Pre-travel preparations do not end with a well-packed bag! It is important to take a look at how you are travelling to your destination as well. 

  1. Flight: When you are travelling by flight, we recommend that you take a look at all the restrictions placed by the airline. They typically allow you to carry formula on the flight but it is better to be safe and check.
  2. Train: Take a look at all the stations that your train will be stopping at so that you will be able to plan any nappy changes or restocks accordingly. You can also take a look to see which stations you will be able to dispose of any nappies you may have used on the journey. 
  3. Road: Plan your route with your baby in mind. Keep an eye out for the cities/places you can stop at to either change nappies or dispose of any. Also, keep an eye out for the stops available to clean up your baby in case of an emergency.  

With this, we have covered most of the pre-travel preparations you can make while travelling with a baby. You’re now all set for your journey! 

Let’s look at the preparations you can make for your travel so you can actually have a blast with your baby!


The pre-travelling prep is all done and you are finally ready for the journey. However, there are a lot of problems that can crop up while travelling. 

These are some things to keep in mind so that you will be able to experience a smooth and fairly uneventful journey. 

  1. Always scout out places where you can change your baby’s nappy. It is also important to keep in mind that you will need water to clean up so there should be a water supply.  
  2. When it comes to being eco-friendly, find places that offer either recyclable disposal or biodegradable ones. 
  3. Try to avoid using single-use wipes as much as possible by using either cloth wipes or natural wipes. Natural wipes are made out of hemp or bamboo and can be disposed of with the rest of your biodegradable waste. 
  4. When it comes to changing nappies, we suggest that an efficient method be used so as to reduce the amount of waste produced in the changing process.  
  5. In case you are not able to find places where you can dispose of your nappies in a safe and eco-friendly way, you will need to come up with some solutions to discreetly carry the used nappies till you can dispose of them. We suggest carrying them in a bag until you are able to find a place that is suitable for your needs. 
  6. Of course, carrying them in a bag with you has its own negatives, namely the smell. We suggest using biodegradable bags that have odour-locking features. In case you are not able to find them, you can use reusable wet bags with a waterproof lining. 

These are of course not the only things you will need to keep in mind while you are on the journey with your child, but these are definitely some of the most important ones. At the same time, there are always situations in which things do not go as planned. Let’s go over what you can do during those times. 


Of course, having a baby would be a walk in the park if it weren’t for the unpredictability factor. It is not possible to predict every possible situation that you might get stuck in while travelling. However, what you can do is prepare for it as best you can. So, these are some of the guidelines we use when it comes to preparing for emergencies:

  • One of the most common emergencies is nappy mishaps. The best thing you can do to prepare for this is practise quick nappy-changing techniques that will allow you to clean up quickly.
  • As is always recommended, keep as many extra nappies as you can without making it an inconvenience. It is always good to have the safety of the extras. Along with the nappies, keep extra wipes, nappy wrappers, water bottles, and even some nappy liners. 
  • Nappy rashes are the next most common emergencies. We recommend using natural remedies like shea butter or coconut oil as it will not only soothe the skin but it will also moisturise it. 
  • However, the best course would be to take some measures to make sure that your baby doesn’t get any nappy rash. Change the nappies frequently so that there is no way for the liquid to stay long enough to cause the rash. You can also prevent it by applying a lotion to act as a barrier.  
  • The biggest and most important tip is to remain calm and practical in case of an emergency. Keeping your cool will help you think of solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 

It is not possible to be prepared for every eventuality. However, it is possible to be flexible and mentally prepared for it. We recommend just taking every stage as it comes while being as prepped as you can be. 


Travelling with a baby can be quite hard while being eco-friendly. Hopefully, the tips and tricks we have listed in the blog will help you become more prepared and ready to handle this journey. You should check out some of our other blogs like how you can build an eco-friendly lifestyle while being with a baby or a checklist for your nappy bag. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the eco-friendly lifestyle!