Our goal for 2020 onward is to keep oil-based plastics out of landfills, maximise home composting and to make sure we are able to compost everything we collect.

To do that, we’re making some changes and we need your help.

Little & Brave has composted over two hundred metric tonnes of organic material since Eco Circle opened for operations at the end of 2018. This compost has been used for land remediation in Clevedon to add much needed nutrients to the ground and to nurture young saplings.

We want to make sure we can Compost everything we Collect. To do that, we need your help. We need everyone who can to Home Compost as much as possible, and if able, to only send Poo Nappies back to the Little & Brave ‘Eco Circle’ site.

The Nappy Truck is Currently Not Operating.

One-Off Collections will remain at $30.00 per collection for those in Auckland.

Drop & Collect is still operating for those in Auckland.

Eco Circle (our very own Commercial Composting facility):

      1. Our Penrose Eco Circle site is currently closed.
      2. Any bags left at the site will be sent to landfill.
      3. If it is deemed necessary when volumes collected are in excess of our capacity, we reserve the right to send overflow nappies to landfill. We currently have strict limits on raw, unprocessed nappies and have strict emissions limits in terms of waste-to-air and waste-to-water, which impact volumes that can be stored on-site unprocessed – remember, this is something we desperately want to avoid – our goal is to compost everything we collect.

Thank you for saving the world, one nappy at a time!

A sustainability movement in New Zealand has been formed, thank you for being at the forefront towards a sustainable New Zealand.