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First foods for baby

First Foods for Baby – 5 to 6 months

In New Zealand some fabulous first foods on offer all year round are apple, banana, pear, avocado, pumpkin, kumara and carrot. Using seasonal fresh foods is an amazing and cheap way to keep baby fed and healthy.

nappy cake DIY Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Nappy Cake Tutorial

This is an amazing way to display our Little & Brave Eco Nappies at a baby shower and is such a beautiful, practical gift. You can decorate with other products around the base or place a single item like a teddy bear or rattle on the top.

baby food

First Foods for Baby- When, What, How?

Introducing first foods can be an exciting and rewarding experience for yourself and for baby. Imagine tasting food for the first time like tasting sour or tasting sweet!

Coloured rice sensory play

Sustainable Sensory Play with Coloured Rice

Sensory play is critical to brain development, problem solving, enhancing memory, development of language and fine and gross motor skills. Coloured Rice can be scooped and poured in an infinite number of ways, it makes great sounds as it is poured that will vary depending upon what type of containers you pour it into.


Sex After Childbirth

So many pressures are placed upon us individually or as a couple after birth. We need to make sure that we don’t try and compare ourselves to others when it comes to sex after childbirth.

Sensory rain play for toddlers

Sensory Rain Play for Toddlers

Playing in the rain provides all the benefits that we already know outside play has, but with a new element, so next time its raining, instead of getting housebound, get out, explore and experience the rain with your child – you might just enjoy it yourself.

Slow Fashion for Babies

Slow Fashion for Babies and Toddlers

Hand-me-down clothing, buying second hand, buying local, buying quality that lasts and using what you have is what Slow Fashion is all about.

baby massage Little & Brave

Baby Massage

Baby massage is more than just making baby relaxed. It is skin stimulation improving brain development that fosters a deep connection with baby creating trust and bonding.

Sustainable New Years resolutions

10 Sustainable New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Make a specific Sustainable New Years resolution that you can stick to, and always remember that the changes you make today will benefit everyone in the years to come.

Little & Brave Eco Nappies Rideshare


We want to promote a sense of community and helping others with our Rideshare Auckland Group, where you can carpool your Eco Nappies and share the load. 



#summerofsustainability is about sharing our eco tips, sharing our changes. It is about being positive and knowing that baby steps still move us forward.

safe sleeping NZ Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Safe Sleeping for Baby

Every year far too many New Zealand babies die suddenly during their sleep. Many of these deaths can be prevented.


Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for a New Parent

Choosing something that is sustainable, or zero waste is amazing. There are so many great ideas that can be eco-friendly including our very own Little & Brave eco nappies.

Make your own Heuristic Basket at home.

Make Your Own Heuristic Play Treasure Basket at Home

Create an amazing sensory experience for your Little with these items to place in your very own Heuristic treasure basket.

premature baby Little & Brave

Small Babies – When a Premature Baby is Born

Giving birth prematurely can be a traumatic and scary experience. Stephanie from Small Babies describes her journey with her very own small baby.

Multiples birth

Surviving the First Year With Twins

How does one deal with newborn twins? Here are 9 tips for surviving twins.

date night ideas at home

10 Date Night Ideas for Parents at Home

Having a stay at home date night is a great way to nurture your relationship. Below are 10 ideas to connect with your partner after the kids are in bed.

Little & Brave baby steps

Baby Steps to Sustainability

Interested in becoming a more sustainable family? Here are some simple tips from Little & Brave.


Healing and Hope: Recovering from Postnatal Depression

Guest Blogger, Bunny Taylor, talks about her journey to health and wellness

School Holiday Activities

School Holiday Activities

The School Holidays are here! We’ve put together a few fun and simple ideas to keep you and your Little busy this School Holidays.

Troubleshooting Leaks

Troubleshooting Leaks

Occasionally leaks can occur. Here are some tips and tricks that we have put together after working with parents and caregivers to get a snug fit.

Landfills Are Not Compost Piles

Landfills are NOT Giant Compost Piles

I’m not going to lie, there was a time when I really did think that a landfill was a giant compost heap. But it is not. It is far from reality. Landfill is just that. It fills the land. But we can change that!

Conservation Week

Conservation Week Activities for Babies and Toddlers

It’s Conservation Week (Kia Mahia Te Mahi) in New Zealand from the 15th – 23rd September, and what better time to start introducing conservation and nature to your Little. Try one of our engaging and fun Conservation Week activities.


Home Composting

Our nappies are designed to be processed in a commercial composting facility where the necessary conditions are present to ensure pasteurization and ‘recycling’ into useful soil conditioners.

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