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Reducing your waste when you are out and about

Reducing your waste when you’re out and about

When you need something try to remember to bring your own. Have a think about where you most often get given single use items and have a go to kit in your bag, car and/or at work.

conservation activities for kids

Conservation Week Activities for Babies and Toddlers

It’s Conservation Week (Kia Mahia Te Mahi) in New Zealand 15-23 August 2020, and what better time to start introducing conservation and nature to your Little. Try one of our engaging and fun Conservation Week activities.

bio char little & Brave

What is Biochar, and what are the benefits in compost?

Similar in look to charcoal it is created in a slightly different way Biochar is carbon, carbon that is not in the atmosphere.  Making biochar can be good for reducing green house gasses in the atmosphere.


The Reality of the NICU Journey

Having a baby in NICU is a test for a family, whether it is 1 day or 100+ days. It isn’t just premature babies that require neonatal care too. The reality of the NICU is that all babies and their families are on their own journey.

keep your toddler or preschooler entertained at home

Ideas to Keep your Toddler or Preschooler Entertained at Home

To keep your family happy and sane, here is a fantastic list of activities for keeping toddlers entertained when at home.

road trip with young children

Tips for Long Car Rides With Preschoolers

If you’re up for braving a road trip with young children, here are some tips to help get you through long rides with preschoolers.

zero waste fundraising nz

Zero Waste Fundraising Ideas

Enjoy this fantastic list of New Zealand businesses that have created fundraising opportunities through buying their products, plus other amazing ideas for fundraising.

baby barrier cream recipe

Kiwi Parents Birth Stories – Part Two

Birth can be an emotionally raw, personal experience. Read three amazing and heartfelt stories of birth from three amazing women.

nature bingo

Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo is a fantastic activity to encourage toddlers to explore around their backyards or nearby outdoor areas. Enjoy finding the beautiful things around you with a fantastic activity that encourages toddlers to explore around their backyards or nearby outdoor areas.

buy local nz products

Buy NZ Local

Supporting local helps more people than just a shop, it supports all that supply it, it supports customers, it supports the staff that work there. Items that are supplied by hard working people who create products that are not mass produced, they often have meaning, thought and love in them that you will not find at any chain store.

Ethical New Zealand clothing

Top Five Ethical & Sustainable New Zealand Children’s Brands

Sustainable, ethical clothing. We know it is better for the environment but what does it actually mean here in New Zealand? In the year 2020 most kiwi households are looking at lowering their carbon footprint and are becoming more eco conscious.

compost nappies at home

Composting Your Little & Brave Wee Nappies FAQ

After consultation with our composting experts and comprehensive testing we are able to offer you our tried and tested method of composting your Little & Brave wee Eco Nappies at home. Here are some of our most FAQ.

Little & Brave Home Composting Process 2020

Little & Brave Wee Nappies Home Composting Process

After consultation with our consulting experts and in-house testing, we are able to offer you our tried and tested method of home composting your Little & Brave Wee Nappies yourselves.

post natal depression

Beyond the Pram

For me, getting out with the pram means:
• I got enough sleep to function that day
• I got dressed* that day
• I’m not inside on the same couch, staring out the same window, at the same tree

Taking Better Photos of Babies and Toddlers

Tips for Taking Better Photos of Babies and Toddlers

Jojoba, coconut oil calendula oil, sunflower seed oil and almond oil are recommended by many as being fantastic carrier oils for baby.

reduce waste

How to Reduce your Family’s Outgoing Waste

Why not try some of these sustainable products, changes or alternatives. Taking things slow and making changes that fit in with your family and lifestyle can also ensure in the long term your changes will be long lasting.

baby massage recipes

Baby Massage Oil Recipes

Jojoba, coconut oil calendula oil, sunflower seed oil and almond oil are recommended by many as being fantastic carrier oils for baby.

Emma Heaphy expectations as a mother

How to let go of Motherhood Expectations

My current thinking which seems to be serving me well so far is that something is better than nothing:

If I can only get one set of my at home workout done, something is better than nothing.
If I washed but couldn’t hang the washing out, something is better than nothing.
If we didn’t have all of my vegetables for dinner because I forgot about the roasties which burnt while I was getting Lottie ready for bed, some vegetables are better than no vegetables.

milestone cards to download

Downloadable Baby Milestone Cards

Downloadable, printable milestone cards from Little & Brave Eco Nappies.

healthy ice block recipes

Healthy Ice Block Recipes for Summertime

Naturally sweetened and made from fruits and veggies, vitamins and a big dose of natural fruit and vege colour are added to make these ice blocks taste and look amazing.

block of ice playing toddler activity

Sensory Ice Activities for Toddlers 

Coming into summer is the best time to experiment with ice and water play.  Sensory ice activities provides opportunities for fun, cooling, hands-on learning for your child in the summer heat.  There are endless possibilities of materials to use within the ice, limited by your imagination.

how to keep baby cool in summer

How to Keep Baby Cool in Summer

During the heat of summer babies skin can burn super easily due to too little melanin, the pigment that provides some protection from the sun. Keep out of direct sunlight and use sunhats and light weight clothing to protect babies and toddlers from the summer sun.

summer baby


#summerofsustainability is about sharing our eco tips, sharing our changes. It is about being positive and knowing that baby steps still move us forward.

teach toddlers composting

How to Teach Toddlers about Home Composting

One way you can teach your Little about composting is to give your compost bin a name, and to talk about all the things they like to eat. We call our compost bin Myrtle, and say things like “Myrtle likes banana skins, but she doesn’t like the stickers on them” or “Myrtle likes to eat dried leaves, but she doesn’t like to eat chippie packets.” This can introduce the complex process of composting in a fun and easy to understand way.

zero waste birthing bag

Zero Waste Birthing Bag Checklist  

Being able start your Little off on a low waste journey from the moment they are born is an amazing achievement. Don’t forget to bring a reusable wet bag if you are using cloth. Or a compostable bag if you are using the Little & Brave Eco Nappies.


Little & Brave – The Story of Composting Nappies

Our first year has both exceeded our expectations, surprised and humbled us. We are so proud to have been recently nominated in the 2019 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards as a finalist in the “Going Circular” category.

what is a circular economy?

What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy is one where products are made from renewable resources, used and then returned to the earth to create the renewable resources once again.

The food tree - how to solve fussy eating at home

Take the ‘Pinterest Perfect’ Pressure out of Dinner Time

Mealtime can often be a stressful time for parents of young children. Picky eaters, dietary needs, what to serve, when to serve it and creating a nutritious meal that everyone both enjoys and builds healthy bodies is a lot of pressure.

beached nappy in the sea

Nappies are Littering New Zealand

“We find nappies all the time! They are on beaches and in the waterways. We have come across many times black rubbish sacks filled to the brim and dumped off the side of the road that lead to estuaries.”

zero waste party ideas food

Zero Waste Kids Party Ideas

The most beautiful decorations can be those sourced from nature. Flowers, twigs, herb pots or house plants. You could dry lavender ahead of time for a beautiful arrangement or cut magnolia leaves to place in a large vase to create a natural green decorative arrangement.

oma rapeti early learning centre

Sustainable Little Learners – Oma Rāpeti

This week we asked Nikki Gardyne from Oma Rāpeti Early Learning Centre about the amazing steps to sustainability they have taken. How the children are taught respect for all animals and the earth throughout their time at the centre. 

how to reduce food waste

Reducing Food Waste in the Home to Become FutureFit

Food waste also occurs when edible food is intentionally discarded by consumers when meals aren’t planned properly food that is stored is spoiled.  When this food waste is placed in the landfill methane is released when the food breaks down in an anaerobic environment.

First Foods for Baby – 8 months

First Foods for Baby – 8 months +

Once baby has had individual first foods introduced, you can introduce some wonderful food combinations to excite and interest baby’s palate.

second-hand September

Second-Hand September

Say “yes to less” and help create a movement to use what we already have in existence today because if we continue our buying habits as they are today we will end up depleting our natural resources and pollute our planet.

country bears kumeu 3

Sustainable Little Learners – Country Bears Nature Childcare

This week we asked Nikky Tauranga from Country Bears Nature Childcare about what makes their centre unique and what ways they are able to minimize their waste in the centre. 

second hand books

Sustainable Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fill a Reusable cup with treats such as Dark chocolate freeze dried strawberries, roasted macadamia nuts or chocolate covered Almonds from ‘Good For’, ‘Bin inn’ or ‘Huckleberrys’.

Thank you Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Thank You for Helping Us Grow

It all began with a wheelie bin, a very full wheelie bin. The decision to become a parent,…
how to reduce your waste as a parent

Cutting Down your Waste as a Parent – The Big Five

If you’re a parent of young children the sight of an overflowing rubbish bin, broken plastic toys or plates with uneaten food is probably not an unfamiliar site. While they might be small the amount of ‘things’ a young child accumulates let alone the amount of waste they produce is mind boggling.  If you’re keen to start reducing your waste as a parent here are the five areas where you can make the biggest impact.

the change one challenge

The Change One Challenge – Our Individual Pledges

Even as individuals many of us are living more sustainable lives, but we also understand that more can be done and we are all very excited to make changes during the Change one Challenge in July.

Below are our individual pledges that we will be making for Change One, we hope they may give you some ideas to inspire you to make a sustainable change in your life also.


Compostable Craft ideas for Toddlers

Focusing on the process of art rather than the finished product creates a fun and enjoyable activity that will hopefully keep your children occupied and entertained for hours.

baby food

First Foods for Baby- Recipes for Teething Babies

Teething, let’s be honest, it can be painful for everyone in the house. Babies can become unsettled and grizzly. Any sleeping patterns they once had may be disrupted and a lack of appetite may be also apparent. 

Ephemeral Art With Toddlers

Making Ephemeral Art With Toddlers

This type of art making activity teaches children about natural materials and the important place they have in the environment.

The Change One Challenge

The Change One Challenge

The Change One Challenge is about buying second-hand items and using what you already have. Returning the carbon back to the soil by composting. Thinking about mending items rather than replacing, using public transport, eating mindfully, buying quality over quantity and walking your kids to school instead of taking the car.

Helping a Mum with Hyperemesis

Helping a Mum with Hyperemesis

Hyperemesis, or HG, affects around 2%-3% of women and is a life altering, and at times life shattering, form of severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. This is not something you fix with a dry cracker or some ginger ale. For some women hyperemesis results in hospitalisation. For many others it means months and months of medication and daily, if not hourly, vomiting sessions.

take time to make your soul happy

How to Take Time and Make Your Soul Happy

Do you say yes far too often and find yourself unable to achieve everything you had promised? Saying no doesn’t mean you are shutting people out. Saying no means you are saying Yes to yourself, you are saying “yes I will look after myself”.

Little and Brave Tahlia

Little & Brave is Growing!

Little & Brave’s fourth trimester has been fueled by the knowledge that the spark of an idea that I had over three years ago is now a business that is changing the world one nappy at a time.

Radio Rhema interviews little & Brave

Radio Rhema Interview with Little & Brave

Listen to the background and the origins behind the Little & Brave Eco Nappy.
Learn about the product itself, its components and how it breaks down, plus the unique circular system.

baby barrier cream recipe

Baby Balm Barrier Cream Recipes

Making your own baby balm is the best way to avoid preservatives and create a more natural cream to protect your babies’ skin and combat nappy rash. Barrier creams work by placing a barrier between baby’s skin and moisture from urine and fecal matter.

Explaining war to children Anzac day

Explaining War to Children

As parents we are often the ones who need to answer the follow on questions about war, what they see on the news and what they learn at Kindergarten, Daycare and School.

beach clean up tips

Top Tips for a Successful Neighbourhood Clean Up

We talked to Juliet Dale from ‘The Great Eco Challenge’ about her recent eco neighbourhood clean up. What do you need, where do you go, how to be safe when cleaning up around your local parks, streams and beaches in NZ.

first foods around the world

First Foods for Baby- Around the World

In New Zealand common food to offer is kumara, carrot, apple and pear. But what do other babies around the world have as a first food?

FSC certified Little & Brave

Why using FSC Certified Fluff (Paper) Pulp is Important

The impact we make on the world matters to us from the creation of the product right through to its disposal at our composting facility.

First foods for baby

First Foods for Baby – 6 months

In New Zealand some fabulous first foods on offer all year round are apple, banana, pear, avocado, pumpkin, kumara and carrot. Using seasonal fresh foods is an amazing and cheap way to keep baby fed and healthy.

nappy cake DIY Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Nappy Cake Tutorial

This is an amazing way to display our Little & Brave Eco Nappies at a baby shower and is such a beautiful, practical gift. You can decorate with other products around the base or place a single item like a teddy bear or rattle on the top.

first foods for baby

First Foods for Baby- When, What, How?

Introducing first foods can be an exciting and rewarding experience for yourself and for baby. Imagine tasting food for the first time like tasting sour or tasting sweet!

Coloured rice sensory play

Sustainable Sensory Play with Coloured Rice

Sensory play is critical to brain development, problem solving, enhancing memory, development of language and fine and gross motor skills. Coloured Rice can be scooped and poured in an infinite number of ways, it makes great sounds as it is poured that will vary depending upon what type of containers you pour it into.


Sex After Childbirth

So many pressures are placed upon us individually or as a couple after birth. We need to make sure that we don’t try and compare ourselves to others when it comes to sex after childbirth.

Sensory rain play for toddlers

Sensory Rain Play for Toddlers

Playing in the rain provides all the benefits that we already know outside play has, but with a new element, so next time its raining, instead of getting housebound, get out, explore and experience the rain with your child – you might just enjoy it yourself.

Slow Fashion for Babies

Slow Fashion for Babies and Toddlers

Hand-me-down clothing, buying second hand, buying local, buying quality that lasts and using what you have is what Slow Fashion is all about.

baby massage Little & Brave

Baby Massage

Baby massage is more than just making baby relaxed. It is skin stimulation improving brain development that fosters a deep connection with baby creating trust and bonding.

Sustainable New Years resolutions

10 Sustainable New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Make a specific Sustainable New Years resolution that you can stick to, and always remember that the changes you make today will benefit everyone in the years to come.

Little & Brave Eco Nappies Rideshare

Little & Brave Rideshare Groups

We want to promote a sense of community and helping others with our Rideshare Auckland Group, where you can carpool your Eco Nappies and share the load. 

safe sleeping NZ Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Safe Sleeping for Baby

Every year far too many New Zealand babies die suddenly during their sleep. Many of these deaths can be prevented.


Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for a New Parent

Choosing something that is sustainable, or zero waste is amazing. There are so many great ideas that can be eco-friendly including our very own Little & Brave eco nappies.

Make your own Heuristic Basket at home.

Make Your Own Heuristic Play Treasure Basket at Home

Create an amazing sensory experience for your Little with these items to place in your very own Heuristic treasure basket.

premature baby Little & Brave

Small Babies – When a Premature Baby is Born

Giving birth prematurely can be a traumatic and scary experience. Stephanie from Small Babies describes her journey with her very own small baby.

Multiples birth

Surviving the First Year With Twins

How does one deal with newborn twins? Here are 9 tips for surviving twins.

date night ideas at home

10 Date Night Ideas for Parents at Home

Having a stay at home date night is a great way to nurture your relationship. Below are 10 ideas to connect with your partner after the kids are in bed.

Little & Brave baby steps

Baby Steps to Sustainability

Interested in becoming a more sustainable family? Here are some simple tips from Little & Brave.


Healing and Hope: Recovering from Postnatal Depression

Guest Blogger, Bunny Taylor, talks about her journey to health and wellness

School Holiday Activities

School Holiday Activities

The School Holidays are here! We’ve put together a few fun and simple ideas to keep you and your Little busy this School Holidays.

Troubleshooting Leaks

Troubleshooting Leaks

Occasionally leaks can occur. Here are some tips and tricks that we have put together after working with parents and caregivers to get a snug fit.


Home Composting

Our nappies are designed to be processed in a commercial composting facility where the necessary conditions are present to ensure pasteurization and ‘recycling’ into useful soil conditioners.

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